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From 2021-12-05
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Web Developer & UX/UI Designer
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I'm Jihad,

I live and work in Zakho, Duhok. I develop websites and cross-platform mobile apps. I also freelance when I can, mostly building custom websites and apps that you can’t get from a template.
My place in the world seems to be at the intersection of creativity and logic. All projects are a problem to be solved, whether it’s to do with design or code-only the tools change. My process is iterative; I approach each problem as a learning experience that informs the rest of the project, which means that I tend to not rely on full design mockups. Most of the time, I do a few sketches to flesh out a concept, and immediately dive into a working prototype that is much more flexible than jumping back and forth between code and Photoshop or Figma.
My formal art & design training taught me to carefully consider my audience and what experience I intend for them to have through my work. Who is visiting your site? What are they looking for? How do they find it? What analytics are available to base our decisions on?
While my focus is mobile-first responsive websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I’ve also worked with Java/Android Studio, C#/Unity3D & Unreal Engine.
I am always experimenting, always learning, and never bored.


Nobel Sweets

A menu website I made for a well-known local pastry business that is multilingual.
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Kurd Sales

A sales website I made for local salesman/saleswoman's that is multilingual.
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The Box

A simple smart game I made with AI that understands instructions in Kurdish.
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Tamo Store

A design mockup website I made for an online store called Tamo Store.
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Amad Baz

A portfolio website I made for a well known Kurdish rapper called Amad Baz.
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A restaurant app, you can view, order, see available menu, and more services.
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A photo editor app, you can edit, crop, resize, filter any of your pictures.
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A links sharer app, you can register and share your links with your friends
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A social application completely done using PHP & MYSQLI.
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